How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay Properly?

Nowadays tasks, given in schools, colleges or universities differ from those, that had a place to be earlier. Now the education program is aimed at providing opportunities for students to show themselves. Students should able to express themselves and show their opinions. That is why they are often given essay tasks to accomplish. One of such tasks is writing a compare and contrast essay.

This is understandable if students start looking at this task and start thinking about what this writing type is, and how to make such a writing paper.

For that, we are happy to present you some tips and general rules for writing. Scroll down to find out about a compare and contrast essay's features.

What Is a Compare and Contrast Essay? Definition and Purpose

Not every student knows the exact answer to that question, that sounds just like "what is a compare and contrast essay?". It is definitely okay. We are here to find it out together with you.

The compare and contrast essay definition states that while writing, you must pick two separate things and then, after that, start comparing them by naming features of them both. Mention the facts or features of the first thing and special things of the second thing, using a comparing turn.

How to Start a Compare and Contrast Essay and Grab Reader's Attention?

Everything is clear with the definition now. The next question that we need to deal with sounds like "How to start a compare and contrast essay?".

There are two simple existing ways of starting this exact essay. That supposes showing the features of those two things. Play with them.

  • The first option is to mention the topic's name. Then it is needed to go to describing the first thing from those two elements and describing the second one.
  • The second option supposes mentioning the topic, then describing features of both things one by one, alternating each other.

Both ways are simple to use, so it would not be hard to catch the readers because a compare and contrast essay itself is pretty impressive.

Compare and Contrast Essay Structure Features

Every single writing type of writing has its own structure, no matter what it is. It does not really matter if it is coursework or an essay. Everything has rules that need to be followed. Our case of writing also has its own rules, and this is the way of how a compare and contrast essay structure looks like:

  • Intro. There you mention the topic's name, a couple of sentences for background info providing and a thesis statement, which says about the idea of your task. Consider it as your most important argument for all paper and build this on the thesis.
  • Body. The middle part, where you should include actual arguments, examples and your viewpoints to support the main idea. How big your body is and/or how many examples, arguments and supporting sentences you use depends on the required word volume.
  • Conclusion. There you should conclude all those arguments, details and your thoughts into a couple of brief and clear sentences and show the readers what it is, that you were trying to show them. Give them a message, conclude your ideas into clear expressions.

We hope that we were helpful and now you know exactly how to structure a compare and contrast essay so that it would look grammatically correct and following each requirement.

How to End a Compare and Contrast Essay and Put a Dot?

When the introduction is done, and your body part is finished, you must make the end. Lots of students cannot simply get how to end a compare and contrast essay and make each reader feel something after reading. Here is the answer.

Restate your intro thesis. It is very important not to repeat it again, and you have to change the words' places, add or remove some words. It is definitely up to you how it will look, but make sure, it does not look the same as the introduction does.

Then create a couple of short sentences, which conclude all the mentioned examples and arguments. Put the so-called dot in your text. If your writing has to teach something, you can highlight a particular message and try to make your readers take it as well.

Compare and Contrast Essay Tips and Hints

We are done with the structure, with the definition and probably can go straight to the next area of our writing task. We are going to talk about tips for writing a compare and contrast essay, that may help you with creating an original and great paper.

  • Select the most suitable topic. Perhaps, this is one of the most important tips for every writer. If you want to create an original and interesting paper, you must understand, that you need lots of info and awareness of the specific topic. So choose the theme, that you know the most about. That is the best way to create a successful essay.
  • Use linking words. It is quite obvious, but you need to make your text linked within all of its parts. Your sentences must be linked between each other and make some sense. Use linking words to create smooth transitions so that the reader could catch the chain of your thoughts.
  • Include your own thoughts. Of course, there are a lot of smart things, that was said by somebody else. But think about it. It is your essay, not somebody else's, and if a teacher gives such a task, he/she wants to hear from you. Include your own voice, write it sincerely, use your own thoughts and ideas.
  • Follow the structure and requirements. Besides the part of the actual content, think about formal parts too, such as the structure and given requirements. Do not play a master, and it is better to follow the given format.
  • Write clearly and understably. That is okay if you want to impress your teacher and show how many words you have and how properly you can use them, but do not abuse them. Write simply so that it would be easy for the reader to understand and take info.

These were all of our tips, and we are hoping that we were helpful to you in the article. We wish you good with writing and getting the highest grades from your teachers!