How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay — Complete Guide

Nowadays, assignments that students confront in schools, colleges, or universities are extremely various. Now, the education program is aimed at providing opportunities for students to show their knowledge, skills, and way of thinking. Learners should be able to express themselves and present their point of views on the world and its concepts. And, an essay task is a good way to cover all these aspects. Here, we will explore a compare and contrast essay, in particular.

That is understandable if students who were assigned to prepare this paper start thinking about how to deal with it appropriately. Hence, we are happy to provide you with the best writing help and offer you some tips and general guidelines for compare and contrast essay.

Compare and Contrast Essay — Definition and Purpose

Not every student knows a proper definition of this assignment. But worry not — we are here to help you find it out!

The compare and contrast essay definition states that while writing, you must pick two separate things (concepts, phenomena, etc.) and compare them by analyzing their features. Keep in mind that your essay isn't a list of the similarities and differences but a coherent text with a more profound analysis and relevant findings.

Start Your Essay — Grab the Reader's Attention

The next question is how to start a compare and contrast essay to engage the audience. There are two simple ways of how to come up with an introduction for this writing.

  • The first option is to mention the topic's name. Then, proceed to the sings/concepts you are going to compare and analyze. Also, it would be better to explain why this comparison is interesting to study.
  • The second option implies mentioning the topic and going more formal way. You specify what are you going to compare and describe each phenomenon separately.

Both ways are simple, so it's not hard to make your essay interesting for the audience from the very beginning.

Structure Features

Every essay type has its own structure and standards that you have to preserve and follow. Compare and contrast essay also has its own rules and features. Look through the structure below to know how to organize your writing and maintain its logical flow.

  • Intro. Mention the topic's name, a couple of sentences for background info, and your main idea (thesis statement), which you are going to challenge or prove. Consider it as the most important part of your essay since, at this point, the reader understands whether your work is worth reading.
  • Body. Compare the subjects of your essay. Depending on your compare-contrast strategy, you can divide the body part into several sub-parts with different focuses. Include actual arguments, examples, and other reliable information to support or illustrate your ideas.
  • Conclusion. Summarize the main points of your comparison, the arguments, and important details. Your conclusion may include only several sentences — the main rule is they have to be coherent and clear and come up as a relevant result.

Now, you know exactly how to write a compare and contrast essay so that it would look grammatically and structurally correct and fulfill all the requirements.

End an Essay — Put a Dot

When the introduction and body parts are done, it's time to end your writing. Here is the answer that will help you end your compare and contrast essay.

Restate your intro thesis. The main point of this trick is that you shouldn't repeat it again. You can simply change the word order without ruining the meaning. Make sure your conclusion does not look the same as the introduction does. Then, complete the circle by coming up with one final idea — put a so-called dot in your text. If your writing was about to teach something, you can highlight a particular message and try to make your readers perceive it.

Compare and Contrast Essay Tips

We are done with the definition and structure particularities — it's time to go straight to the tips for writing a compare and contrast essay. Look through the recommendations that may help you with preparing an original and refined paper.

  • Select an intriguing but relevant topic. That is one of the most important tips for every writer. If you want to create an exciting essay, be ready to look for reliable information. Hence, pick a topic that is discussable enough.
  • Use linking words. It is quite obvious, but you need to make all the parts of your essay linked with each other. Preserve logical structure and don't forget about the transitions between paragraphs. Let the reader keep up with the flow of your thoughts.
  • Include your own ideas. Of course, there are a lot of smart things people had already said. And, that doesn't mean that you cannot have your original thought about a certain issue. Share your thoughts with the audience.
  • Write clearly. In all senses. That is okay if you want to impress your teacher and show how many specific words you know and how well you can use them, but don't overdo with presenting your skills. Write simply and clearly so that it would be easy for the reader to understand all the information the right way. And, make your essay look refined — preserve the structure.

These were all of our recommendations, and we hope our guide will be helpful for you to write perfect compare and contrast essays without worries!