Compare and Contrast Essay Titles: Tips, Ideas, and Rules

Never neglect the title of your essay. What do people expect from the candy itself depends on the wrapper. If the candy wrapper is inconspicuous, you will not take this candy, right? Similarly, it happens with any kind of text work.

Titles can be creative, simple, official, funny. Your choice should depend on the audience:

  • Who will read your essay;
  • where your writing will be presented;
  • whether the essay will be presented at all.

Also, you must consider what the subject is. General recommendations for all the compare and contrast essay titles are a minimum of words and a maximum of meaning; a reflection of the entire text in this short sentence. Analyze the key points and choose the names, taking into account your conclusions. Follow these steps:

  1. Identify your audience. If you are writing only for a teacher, use a simple, informative title. If you write for your classmates, friends, co-workers, then choose a name that will cause emotions.
    For example, for school homework, you can use the informative name "Why violets are better than cacti as the houseplants." And if you write for a blog, compare/contrast essay titles can be like this: "Cacti are Unusual, But Violets are Still Better."
  2. Specify items of your comparison in the title. Determine what you will compare. Both names must be in the title. For example, do not write: "Comparative analysis of domestic plants." Specify which two plants you will compare with each other. If you compare the same object with some differences, indicate them in the name. For example: "Why prickly cacti are better than smooth." It is not necessary to list which specific characteristics you will consider. That is only relevant in the body of the essay.
  3. Decide on the mood of your essay. It is not necessary to make a direct emphasis on the fact that one of the subjects is better. You can sweep the comparative analysis with your conclusions. For example:
    As domestic plants, cacti are worse than violets or comparative analysis of cacti and violets as indoor plants.
    In the first case, you are convinced that cacti are bad. In the second, you simply give an analysis of what are the pros and cons of cacti and violets. It is not always appropriate to be categorical in your essay. Controversial issues are better to consider by type of comparison, rather than approval.
  4. Choose interesting words that will convince to read this text. Sometimes they are difficult to find, or even unrealistic. Especially if the comparison is simple and there can't be any special creativity in it. But think about how you can distinguish your title and pay attention to it. If you can't come up with a title and get into a creative stupor because of this, just write your work. Then read it and think about the title again. It can appear quite suddenly and at the time of writing an essay.

20 Titles for a Compare and Contrast Essay

This type of essay is very popular. It is an interesting option for training practice. An author develops analytical and critical thinking, learns to search and process information. Every student in his life at least once wrote such an essay. So, let's look at examples of names for inspiration.

  1. Reading at night is more harmful than in the daytime.
  2. People-owls are less productive than people-larks.
  3. Why introvert life is more difficult than extrovert.
  4. Why is mom more important in a child's life than dad?
  5. Why comedies are better than horror movies.
  6. Advantages and disadvantages of veggie vs. Meat-eating.
  7. Why is it better to do an important thing today, rather than postpone it?
  8. Five reasons why I wanted a brother, not a sister.
  9. Why summer is better for me than winter.
  10. The arguments for saving on clothes and buying expensive outfits.

And here are some funny, creative, intriguing and unexpected titles for a compare and contrast essay that will suit for a task that does not require a serious format:

  1. Why do I have pitbull and not a chihuahua.
  2. Why my bicycle is steeper than daddy's pickup truck.
  3. To be or not to be: my philosophical reflections.
  4. Cinema or restaurant for the first date.
  5. Why I celebrate my birthday and not hide myself.
  6. Short hairstyle lost the battle to long hair.
  7. Who lives better, a nerd or a hooligan?
  8. I'd rather be a realist, not a dreamer.
  9. Why do I read poetry, not prose?
  10. Pants are better than a skirt, although I'm not a guy.

It's time to think which of the following titles is most likely a compare-and-contrast essay due to the appointment and readership. Remember that your text should have convincing arguments in the body. Therefore, choose the topic in which you have something to say.

It is not easy for everyone to write texts. Even more difficult is to choose a topic! So, just take a notebook with you and write down all the ideas for compare-contrast essay titles which appear in your mind. If you cannot think of anything at the moment, then the time has not yet come.