Compare and Contrast Essay Introduction — Basics of the Writing

The compare and contrast essay consists of an introduction (this paragraph you are reading), the main body (the main part below) and a conclusion (the last paragraph). A properly composed compare and contrast essay introduction paragraph determines the completeness of the paper, its importance, value, and quality. According to this short introductory paragraph your reader or the teacher concludes:

  • Whether you have fulfilled this task correctly;
  • whether the content is interesting and appropriate.

Before proceeding to describe how to make a compare and contrast essay introduction, let's look out what kind of data processing and creative effort it is. Match the two objects and fascinatingly summarize the conclusions.

But it does not have to be a categorical justification that some object is worse/better, valuable/ minor or something like this. Categorical is best to be avoided. Besides, all of your arguments should be justified.

Introduction for a Compare and Contrast Essay: Useful Guide

The powerful introduction is the general application of the comparative analysis of the objects. In this short paragraph, you should indicate which items you juxtapose and what general thesis of the work you have got.

Use these recommendations on how to write a good introduction for a compare and contrast essay, correctly and efficiently:

  • It should be as a brief, remove all the unnecessary phrases during your editing, as much as possible.
  • Don't go into any details for emphasizing the thesis; you will do it in the body of the essay.
  • Identify the basic idea of your comparison: why you chose this topic, point out how useful it is.
  • Make sure that the entry is strong, and only if you are sure of this, give the work for verification.

You must impress the reader with data, not with an intrigue. Identify the subjects and the thesis clearly. Otherwise, the introduction will be miswritten. For example how to write an introduction for a compare and contrast essay and the version of content that must be avoided (even if it seems a stronger option):

Wrong option:

These two doctors are excellent specialists. But one of them hides some facts from his professional biography. And I can say with the confidence that one of them is better. Who would have thought! It's a shock!

Right option:

In my work, I want to compare the career and qualifications of two well-known orthopedic doctors, Charles P. and Clara D. One of them is a more qualified specialist with more in-depth education and experience, despite the success and popularity of the other. I precisely defined for myself, what specialist to turn to and why.

In the first case, the author does not identify the two specialists researched, or the data they will rely on in the research body or the purpose of his work. They tried to interest the reader, but it was not informative.

The reader will never understand whether he needs to read this. So, let's see by some examples, how to write an introduction paragraph for a compare and contrast essay. The volume of this paragraph depends on many factors:

  • The purpose of a paper;
  • who writes it;
  • requirements from the prof.

After all, it can be both an important study of the student, and a simple homework on a self-selected simple topic.

Compare and Contrast Essay Introduction Example

Example of the actual topic, which is now sharply discussed in society:

Nutrition is very important for human health. In our time, the choice of food is fundamental. Many of us don't know what nutrition system to choose: vegetarianism or meat-eating. It is important to understand what option is more suitable, what are the advantages, dangers, and contraindications. Each type of food is good in its own way, but there are points to which you need to pay attention.

As you might have guessed, is better afterward to compose an introduction when you have prepared the body thoroughly. This introduction paragraph for compare and contrast essay example is short.

Your option may be more informative, especially if the topic is about science. If basically, people do not know a lot about your topic, give them introductory information about the subjects under study. Good luck!