Compare and Contrast Essay Conclusion Examples to Consider

A compare and contrast essay is an analytical task to compare two (rarely more) subjects. It requires at least three comparative characteristics, for each of them the author must describe some data about each of the subjects. The recommended quantity of characteristics usually implies five points.

Any academic writing consists of an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. Each type of essay has its own structure features. There can be two different versions of the structure as a standard:

  • A block structure;
  • a point-by-point structure.

Before describing the peculiarities of the compare and contrast essay conclusion, let's consider what task you are to deal with before being faced with this one. You need to select only important characteristics.

It should be something more than just basic knowledge of the topic. This essay assumes that the student should reveal the topic and find data that most other students don't know or do not think about it correctly. Demonstrate immersing into the subject because superficial data no one will appreciate.

The introduction indicates:

  • Which items are compared;
  • the main thesis of this juxtaposition;
  • why it's interesting and relevant.

And a conclusion for a compare and contrast essay is like a broad generalization. It can be done only after all the points have been worked out and the author can make all the conclusions for himself.

How to Write a Conclusion for a Compare and Contrast Essay Properly?

The main tip: think about how the reader feels. He did not go deep into the subject data as you did. He read the text for the first time and now wants to make useful and possibly (even practical) conclusions for himself. Draw his attention to all the key points of comparative analysis, recalling what he just read. That is the way how to write a conclusion paragraph for a compare and contrast essay, imagining that you are a reader. This paragraph should help the reader to avoid any confusion of thoughts.

In the final part of the essay, simply analyzing is not enough. It is also necessary to express your own reasoned opinion. You set a goal, which was designated in the introduction. And now your task is to indicate how far the goal has been achieved. You should be satisfied with this result. That is not the same as the introduction — a conclusion paragraph for a compare and contrast essay should not be just an entry with a thesis, but a vivid opinion of the author. You have to defend your goal, to show that the comparative analysis was important and useful.

Problems with writing conclusions may be faced due to the incorrect choice of subjects. Their differences or similarities can be blurred, and the analysis will be more like philosophical reflections. Therefore, the selection of the theme of the work depends on its quality. Consider this. If you have nothing to say on the topic, it is better to choose a different one. Also be sure that you can find enough information. It must be something relevant, intriguing and important.

Example of a Conclusion for Students

Where to find samples? We live in the era of Internet trading. And everyone can find an example of a conclusion on any topic in comparative product reviews, for example. See how others do it. It can be a review on YouTube for the quality of the landmark or articles. Of course, this is not an academic letter. But it is suitable as a living compare and contrast essay conclusion example for your inspiration. Also, there are many catalogs of student works. Let's give an example of a simple short conclusion:

The film "Children in the City" is more useful for parents than "Children that are bored." The first one can be considered informative, and it contains more examples of vital life situations. Also, real ways of solving problems in upbringing are shown. The film also demonstrates the real emotions of the real people.

It's like a reality show. And "Children who are bored" only states the fact that many children don't find themselves worthy pursuits if their parents do not guide them. The film is built on a script and an acting game, not with live emotions as in "Children in the City." I would not recommend "Children that are bored" to those parents who are looking for information and are experiencing real difficulties. But for a general expansion of horizons, you can see both films.

The volume of your conclusion depends on the teacher's request and many other factors. But you must be sure that you wrote everything you wanted.